Quote of the Day by 12 Angry Men

[Juror #9 has pointed out that the witness across the street had marks on her nose, indicating that she normally wore glasses] Juror #8: [to Juror #4] Do you wear glasses when you go to bed? Juror #4: No. I don't. No one wears eyeglasses to bed. Juror #8: It's logical to assume that *she* wasn't wearing them when she was in bed - tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep! Juror #3: How do *you* know? Juror #8: I don't *know* - I'm guessing! I'm also guessing that she probably didn't put her glasses on when she turned to look casually out of the window - and she herself testified the killing took place just as she looked out, the lights went off a split second later - she couldn't have had *time* to put them on then! [stops #3 from stopping him] Juror #8: Here's another guess: maybe she honestly thought she saw the boy kill his father - I say she only saw a blur! Juror #3: How do you know *what* she saw? How does he know all that? How do you know *what* kind of glasses she wore? Maybe they were sunglasses, maybe she was far-sighted! What do you *know* about her? Juror #8: I only know the woman's eyesight is in question now! Juror #11: She had to be able to identify a person sixty feet away, at night, without glasses. Juror #2: You can't send someone off to die on evidence like that! Juror #3: Oh, don't give me that. Juror #8: Don't you think the woman *might* have made a mistake? Juror #3: [stubbornly] No! Juror #8: It's not *possible?* Juror #3: No, it's not possible! Juror #8: [gets up and speaks to Juror #12] Is it possible? Juror #12: [nods] Not guilty. Juror #8: [goes to #10] You think he's guilty? [#10 shakes his head "no"] Juror #3: *I* think he's guilty! Juror #8: [ignores #3; goes to #4] How about you? Juror #4: [looks at #8, pauses, then shakes head] No... I'm convinced. Not guilty. Juror #3: [shocked, having just lost all support] What's the matter with ya? Juror #4: I have a reasonable doubt now

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